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Pronounced "Ray" "Key"

Reiki is an ancient Chinese healing technique used to work with the energy in the body to promote balance and remove energetic blockages. 

Balancing this energy can create relaxation, reduce stress

and even promote physical healing!

A reiki practitioner has the ability to sense the energy in the body and 

clear it promoting healing on a deep level. 

Using a practice called "laying of the hands" and any assortment of

 healing tools such as oils, crystals, reiki symbols or healing techniques,

 the energy can be cleared and balanced promoting a healthy 

energetic flow that is much more beneficial for your body and mind!

Reiki comes from the words:

"Rei" meaning Universal


"Ki " (or chi) meaning Life Force

It is from this Life Force or Universal Energy that the healing energy 

flows through the practitioner and onto the client. 

The client may feel a warmth or a tingling in the area that is being worked on. 

But most of all it is a relaxing and peaceful healing opportunity!

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