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Full Moon Ceremonies

The Full Moon that we experience once a month is a powerful and connective way 

to release what we don't want and manifest what we do! 

It is a time to revisit, release and reframe and  align with 

Grandmother Moon and ask for her assistance. 

By providing small offerings, prayer and gratitude, and calling upon the 4 directions and their spirit along with our healers and ancestors, 

We create a sacred place to revisit the past, release what no lover serves us and reframe our life in a way that is more aligned with what brings us 

true inner peace and balance. 

While we always look to the sun for nourishment and rejuvenation, 

the moon can provide cleansing, clarity and balance in a time when we need it most.  

Its also a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals!!

Contact me today to attend or host a Full Moon Ceremony and follow me on my socials to learn when exactly they are. 

I will be doing segments and posts when they are upon us!

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